The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Backlinks to Your Comments


Getting more backlinks to your comments can seem like an impossible task, but there are actually several simple steps you can take to increase the visibility of your comments and get more backlinks in general. The best part is that these steps only take a few minutes each, so they’re easy to fit into your schedule. Even if you’re working from home with no boss watching over you, anyone can find and use this guide on how to get more backlinks to their comments!

Link to the website where you’re leaving a comment
When you leave a comment on a site, always make sure you’re linking back to your site. There are two benefits for doing so: first, it signals to search engines that your website is relevant to the conversation; second, it lets people know that there’s more information about whatever you’re commenting on available at your site. Both of these things help improve your authority and reputation in Google’s eyes. The best way to accomplish both goals is by using links from other sites in your comments.

Get someone else to link to your comment
If you want backlinks to your comments, make sure you’re leaving quality comments. At some point, another blogger will link out to a comment on your site, and if it’s useful or interesting enough, that link could drive traffic back to your site. If they love your comment so much that they want to share it with their readers, why not get them a little help by putting a Please share my comment! bit at the bottom?

Comment on sites with high PR
For a relatively low amount of effort, you can quickly build links back to your profile on sites with high PageRank (PR). PR is a measure of how relevant a website is—in Google’s eyes—to specific keywords. The higher your PR, generally speaking, the more influence and exposure you have on search engine results pages (SERPs). And some websites—particularly news and information sites—are assigned particularly high PR scores by virtue of their status in those niches.

Tag influencers when leaving a comment
When you see a good post, it’s always worth taking a moment to leave a comment and let that person know you appreciate their work. But when leaving comments on influential blogs, don’t just leave them blank or with your link—tag influencers. You can usually find influencers by typing their name into Google along with one of top blogs, blogger, or something similar.

Link from your profile page when possible
Every time you create a new comment on someone else’s post, add a link back to your own profile page or a relevant piece of content. This way, Google knows that people are linking back to your site, and it will help boost your rankings in search engine results.

Answer questions in comments sections
One of the best ways to get backlinks to your website is by participating in comment sections and answering questions that people have about your niche. The more original content you produce on your site, or other sites that are willing to link back to you (via a relevant guest post or an about page on their site with a link back), can also help generate traffic.

Create useful things and ask for a link (this can be related product images, infographics, PDF guides, etc.)
The best way to get a backlink is to simply create something useful, share it on social media or your website, and ask for a link. Even if you’re not using WordPress, sites like Medium and Slideshare are great for publishing content that you can embed. It doesn’t hurt to start by writing about topics in your niche so that readers know what your brand is about!

Link in an introduction post like this one (please share this blog post with people if you find it helpful!)
How do I get backlinks to my comments? … It’s easier than you think. Here’s how: [insert detailed step-by-step process for creating links in comments] … Before we get started, however, please note that there are some exceptions where nofollow link building (i.e., getting a link from someone without a reciprocal link) may be appropriate. However, most cases will benefit from following these basic guidelines.


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