SEO Success in the UK: The Best Backlinks for Rankings


A high UK ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) can make or break your online business, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing everything possible to get one of the coveted spots at the top of search results lists. But how can you do this? There are lots of different ways to rank on top of SERPs, but one particularly effective way involves getting backlinks—links from other sites to yours—from high-authority sites in your niche and on related topics.

Top Linking Sites
With a little bit of ingenuity, you can build backlinks to your site from very high-quality sites. Look for sites with high page ranks and make sure they have content that’s relevant to your niche. Sites like highPRblogs have an easy way to search these types of sites. Also, directories can be powerful tools; use them wisely by concentrating on those with a highly reputable listing process and verified submissions. Local business directories are great resources because they draw eyes from people looking to purchase goods and services—so why not tap into that traffic? If you create valuable content, local businesses will naturally seek you out as a resource on their path to growth. They’ll get linked naturally, but also spread word about your site through social media links.

Niche & Local Linking Sites
One of our favorite ways to get UK-specific links (and thus gain rankings) is to contribute content to niche and local linking sites. If you have a product that does well in certain cities, start contributing content about that city or town on websites based around those locations. Each time you post, your link will be live on a site devoted to that particular city—and each time your link is clicked, you’ll build trust with Google’s ranking algorithm. We always recommend checking out Google’s guidelines for building local links here . Take note of what they say and if your business isn’t able to run with it, there are still plenty of other options. Check out our list below for some great places to find backlinks.

Authority Linking Sites
These sites can provide backlinks to your site, helping build authority and trust that may lead to higher rankings. Some example authority sites include Local Business Directories (i.e., Yellow Pages), Universities, Government Agencies, Media Outlets and Professional Associations. Create a list of all of these types of sites in your industry, then contact them and make sure you’re listed with them. Be sure to include a link back to your website from each page on your site where it makes sense; you want to make sure that when search engines visit these pages they see those links back to your site! This will help boost your overall ranking. You should also monitor if your site is still listed correctly with these authority sites over time. If not, get into contact with them again and ask why they removed you or if there is anything else you need to do in order to be included. Also note any new authoritative websites that have been created recently as well. Contact them directly as well and request inclusion—they are likely open to doing so!

Tools To Build Backlinks
Building backlinks is a great way to boost your search rankings and increase awareness of your website. But, you have to do it carefully if you want results! If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can do serious damage to your rankings by building spammy links that get flagged and removed by Google. To build high-quality backlinks that will improve your rankings while avoiding penalties from Google, check out these four great tools My favorite tool for finding quality link opportunities is Open Site Explorer . It’s an SEO tool created by Moz that helps me find sites I can outreach to about my content. -Sujan Patel , co-founder of Web Profits
Using BuzzSumo, I can easily find out which content has performed well over time so I know where to target my efforts.


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