How to Guest Post on Blogs and Get More Exposure for Your Writing


Guest Post backlinks, There are many different types of writing opportunities in the world, but nothing can get you exposure like having your writing featured on a blog as an author or guest writer. Think about it – you may have written the most compelling article in the world, but if no one reads it, does it even matter? No! So how do you get your writing featured on blogs? By guest posting! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about guest posting and how to guest post on blogs to get more exposure for your writing.

Know why you want to guest post
Sure, getting a link back to your website is nice, but is that really why you’re doing it? It’s likely not going to increase your traffic or sales significantly—in fact, some experts say it might even hurt your search engine rankings. But guest posting can be an important part of building relationships with people in your industry or community who may have opportunities for you down the road. Make sure you know what you want from a guest post before pitching any editor, otherwise they won’t respect your time (or work). If all you want is a link back to your site, write something on another site about something else entirely and link back at least three times.

Find blogs that accept guest posts
The first step is figuring out which blogs actually accept guest posts. There are a few ways to do so, but most often you’ll want to start with major publications in your industry. These can include magazines, newspapers, or other industry-specific websites. Start by finding popular ones that have been around for several years or have a large following. Then make a list of those outlets—you’ll use it later in your research process. Next up is searching Google’s blogger network (also known as Google Directory) for relevant keywords. Try phrases like guest blogger or contributor, which may lead you to more potential opportunities—and yes, be sure to include both well-known blogs and smaller niche ones.

Research each blog before pitching your idea
Just because you have a good idea, doesn’t mean they will publish it. Before you pitch your guest post, research each potential host site. You’ll want to make sure that your writing is a good fit with their existing content or audience. Be sure to include all of their existing content in your pitch so that you can be as concise as possible about what makes your idea unique. Consider including specific, relevant links to any previous work you’ve published (and if possible, point out how it relates specifically to what they already offer). By referencing pre-existing work, bloggers can get a sense of your style, focus and ability from one look at your portfolio.

Pitch an Idea That They Won’t be Able to Refuse
Before you pitch a guest post idea, make sure that your writing is top-notch. If you can’t write something worthy of an editor’s attention, then it won’t matter how great your idea is. If they turn down your idea but still like your writing style, however, then don’t be afraid to ask them if there’s anything specific you could write about or for. You might be surprised at what you can get with just a bit of additional effort—and hustle. Don’t be scared to figure out outer side the box! For example: I noticed that your website tends to run popular posts about education finance during tax season.

Follow Up!
If you have an audience, write a post that directly addresses a question they’ve asked you in comments or emails. But don’t make it salesy. Give them helpful, actionable advice and then ask if they have any follow-up questions. If they do, answer them thoroughly! If not, leave them with more helpful advice—and link back to your site or sales page. Even better: offer one more piece of advice as a final call-to-action at the end of your post. You just might convince them to give you their email address so you can continue providing value in future posts!


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