Why You Shouldn’t Overdo It with Backlinks


Shouldn’t Overdo It with Backlinks, Building backlinks to your website can help you move up in the search machine rankings, and upper search machine rankings can mean more traffic to your site and more revenue as a result. But how many backlinks should you be building every day? The answer to that question depends on two factors: how old your site is and how competitive the niche you’re in is. In this article, we’ll take a look at why those two factors matter when it comes to building backlinks, and we’ll even share some strategies for choosing which sites to link to and which links are worth pursuing.

What Are Backlinks

When we talk about backlinks, we’re referring to links on other websites that point back to your website. Your site doesn’t have to be a blogger favorite or be on top of page 1 of Google for you to benefit from backlinks. In fact, you may already be getting them, and not even know it! The average person has 167 different links on their site—but all those internal and external links might actually hurt your SEO ranking instead of helping it if they aren’t distributed properly. If too many of your internal pages link to one another or a number of external links lead directly to one page (like your homepage), then Google could interpret that as an attempt by you—or another user—to cheat the system.

Natural Link Profile vs. Spammy Links

Too many links too quickly will actually hurt your rankings. A sudden influx of new links could cause Google to question your intentions and suspect you are a spammer. If Google sees that you have thousands of unnatural links pointing to your site, it could deem your site toxic and demote it in search results. Take time to build a natural link profile over time by earning social shares and links from reputable websites in your industry. Don’t try to be number one overnight; building a strong link profile over time is better for SEO than rapid accumulation.

Building a Natural Link Profile

Links are a significant part of SEO, but building your profile naturally is just as important. One way to do so is by publishing guest posts on related sites. This allows you to establish good, natural links while helping other sites with your content marketing and SEO strategies. Plus, it’s a great way to make connections in your industry and build an audience that will follow you to your site when it’s time for you to launch. But how many links per day is safe? Don’t get in over your head! Be sure that any guest posts you publish aren’t linked bombs—just as excessive backlinking isn’t recommended.

Achieving an Authority Site

What’s considered an authority site in 2018? Well, as far as Google is concerned, it’s any site that can be found at or near the top of page one for most searches. That alone tells you how difficult and competitive it is to rank highly on search engines. However, for many businesses that depend on getting visitors through search engines—SEO (search engine optimization) consultants, web designers, and more—ranking high is a major source of income. For example, SEO work typically averages around $50 per hour. Of course, if your SEO efforts don’t rank sites highly in search results then they’re not going to get very many visitors…and they won’t be able to sell their services at such high rates either!

Tips for Avoiding Black Hat SEO Tactics

When it comes to backlink strategies, you have a lot of options. From guest blogging to using influencers and social media to building a high-quality resource or directory, there’s a lot you can do. But there are also a lot of SEO tactics that you should absolutely avoid! We don’t condone black hat SEO practices because we believe in creating high-quality content that generates leads—not spammy tactics.


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